Vancouver, British Columbia

Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Voice Theory, Application

Talent Development Music Videos

Packaging Promotions both

Locally & Internationally

Midem International Trade Show, Seniors Homes,Festivals, Edmonton Airport, Safeway, West Edmonton Mall

Accent Reduction Speaking Correctly to Prevent Damage

to the Vocal Cords

Method Using Singing

When people with accents sing there is no accent. People who speak English speak too fast, too soft, slur their words & are so often boring because they are monotone

First Nations
Pop Music Workshops to promote Language Culture

Self Confidence & Pride

While Having Fun

Our Latest Project will be in Coral Harbour
Watch the interview with Jessica MacLean
a teacher at Sakku School 

We All Sing Together Manual & USB

in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin

Introduction to Jan Cooper

Introduction to Jack Cooper

Contact: Jack Cooper kabloona@shaw.ca or Jan Cooper at cooperjan2@gmail.com
We can also be reached by Skype, face-time, zoom,we-chat or in person.

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