Karaoke Speech

Karaoke Speech is a method that uses singing to help people reduce their accents ,as well as, to teach them to speak proper English. Karaoke Speech is to teach those who already speak English to apply the techniques so they can be understood ,as well as, to prevent damage to the vocal chords.

Karaoke Speech with Young Children

Adults Applying Karaoke Speech

Full Version of Karaoke Speech

English Speakers Who Can't Be Understood

Working with Toastmasters

Who Does It Benefit

People With Heavy Accents or Monotone Voice

Who Speak to Fast, Loud, Soft or Overlap Sentences

People with Obnoxious Voices

via Whinny, Scratchy tones

Throat Speakers causing other symptoms

The similarities between speech and singing

Same Breathing Method

The Use of Pitch

Similar Body Language

The Use of the Jaw for Pronunciation

Relaxed Body

Performance Skills

Contact: Jack Cooper kabloona@shaw.ca or Jan Cooper at cooperjan2@gmail.com
We can also be reached by Skype, face-time, zoom,we-chat or in person.

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